Pasta with Anchovies Di Caro

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320 g. Pasta Type Spaghetti
4 Salted Anchovies Di Caro
4 Spoons Extra virgin olive oil
600 gr. of Tomatoes
1 Cup of Gaeta Olives
1 Spoon Capers
1 Spoon Chopped Parsley
1 Pinch Oregano
1 Clove Garlic
1 Chilli


Clean the anchovies; pass them carefully under water to remove the salt and chop finely.
Rinse and squeeze the capers, pitted and cut the olives into slices, put the tomatoes in the chopper, deprived of the skin and seeds.
In a pan with the oil, cook the crushed garlic clove and the whole chilli pepper for a few seconds over a high flame; when they are well browned, remove both and add the chopped anchovies, capers and olives.
Brown the mixture for a couple of minutes, then add the tomato pulp.
Add the necessary salt and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes.
When the sauce is almost cooked, boil the spaghetti in boiling salted water.
Drain them al dente. Season with the sauce, add the chopped parsley and a pinch of oregano, and serve.

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