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Pasta 'ncasciata with Salted Sardines Di Caro

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<transcy>Pasta &#39;ncasciata with Salted Sardines Di Caro</transcy>

INGREDIENTS 1 green cauliflower 1 small white onion 30 g Di Caro salted sardine fillets 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 1 sachet of saffron 1 tablespoon of raisins 1 tablespoon of pine nuts 320 g of bucatini breadcrumbs Salt to taste PREPARATION: Cut the cauliflower into pieces according to its roses. Boil the cauliflower. Chop the onion, then sauté it in the extra virgin olive oil. Add the salted sardines and leave to flavor well. Add the boiled cauliflower, a little cooking water, saffron, raisins and pine nuts to the onion. Correct with salt and pepper and cook...

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